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Gabby's Doll House Carlita And Pandy Paws Picnic Vehicle And Accessories

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Gabby's Doll House Carlita And Pandy Paws Picnic Vehicle And Accessories.

Get your motor running and zoom off on a cat-tastic picnic adventure, with the Gabby’s Dollhouse Carlita and Pandy Paws Picnic Set. Carlita looks just like the playful half-cat and half-car character that you love from the show. This vehicle can hold Pandy Paws and another Gabby’s Dollhouse character from your collection in her seats (additional toy figures sold separately).

Carlita comes to life, wagging her tail from left to right, as you push her along. Push down on her bonnet to make her blink, or push down on the left and right, to make her look left and right. This fun set also features an exclusive Pandy Paws figure you won’t find anywhere else, along with a picnic chip-art blanket play piece, a kitty cooler and a Dollhouse Delivery with a surprise accessory inside. Unbox your special Dollhouse Delivery, just like Gabby does at the beginning of each episode, to discover pink sunglasses for Pandy Paws to wear.

Once you find the perfect picnic spot, set up the chip art picnic blanket and pretend to unload your treats from the cooler - the lid opens and closes. Use your imagination to create your own exciting adventures with Carlita and Pandy Paws and relive your favourite moments from the NETFLIX original series. For one last surprise, scan the QR code found inside the Dollhouse Delivery to unlock a special reward in the Gabby’s Dollhouse App (available on iOS and Android). and get ready for picnic adventures with the Gabby’s Dollhouse Picnic Set.

  • Includes: 1 Vehicle, 1 Figure, 1 Dollhouse Delivery, 2 Accessories, 1 Chip Art Picnic Blanket & 1 Instruction Sheet.

Ages: 3+