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Gabby's Doll House MerCat Primp And Pamper Bathroom

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Gabby's Doll House MerCat Primp And Pamper Bathroom.

Have a relaxing spa day with MerCat in the Gabby’s Dollhouse Primp and Pamper Bathroom. This deluxe Gabby’s Dollhouse playset is filled with fun details and surprises to explore, bringing the magical room from the show to life. Open the box to find a MerCat collectible figure, three furniture pieces, a rubber duck kitty accessory, plus two Dollhouse Delivery boxes with two more surprise accessories.

Just like Gabby does at the beginning of each episode, unbox your special Dollhouse Deliveries and discover the set’s mystery accessories: a perfume bottle and a towel wrap with a cucumber mask that MerCat can really wear. Slide the wrap onto MerCat’s head and place her in the tub with her rubber kitty for a soothing bubble bath. When you push down on the bath, the bubbles move. It’s so much fun.

Remove the wrap and place it onto the kitty bathroom cart for easy storage, then head over to the dressing table for some primping. Swivel the dressing table’s mirror around to reveal a cute underwater scene. With so many features, MerCat’s Primp and Pamper Bathroom is perfect for exciting pretend play and makes a great gift for kids.

  • Includes: MerCat Primp And Pamper Bathroom, 1 figure, 3 furniture pieces, 2 dollhouse deliveries, 3 accessories and 1 instruction sheet.
  • Room Dimensions: L x 25.7cm W x 22.8cm H.
  • Place MerCat in the bath and press down to make the bubbles rise.
  • Slide it into Gabby’s Purrfect Dollhouse (sold separately).
  • Inside one of the Dollhouse Deliveries, you’ll find a QR code, Scan it to unlock an exclusive reward in the free Gabby’s Dollhouse App (available on iOS and Android).

Ages: 3+