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Gabby's Doll House Talking Pandy Paws Soft Toy

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Gabby's Doll House Talking Pandy Paws Soft Toy.

It’s time to get ready for a hug attack with Gabby’s Dollhouse Talking Pandy Paws. This super-soft and cuddly 33cm plush kitty brings Gabby’s best pal from the show to life. With his pointy ears, adorable tail, embroidered details and his Pandy Pack, Pandy Paws is the perfect pal for playtime or bedtime.

Give Pandy’s paw a squeeze and hold to watch it light up, activating cat-tastic songs. Squeeze and release his paw to make it light up again and hear even more sounds and phrases from the show. Talking Pandy Paws knows two songs and has 10 sounds and phrases.

With your new Pandy Paws cute stuffed animal by your side, you can create all kinds of exciting adventures again and again. For even more cuddles, look for the Purr-ific Plush toys. Hold on tight and bring Pandy Paws to life with Gabby’s Dollhouse Talking Pandy Paws.

  • Includes: 1 Gabby’s Dollhouse Talking Pandy Plush Toy and 1 Instruction sheet.
  • Pandy Paws comes alive with 2 songs and 10 sounds and phrases.
  • Squeeze and hold his paw for lights, sounds and phrases.
  • With true-to-show details, Talking Pandy Paws looks just like Gabby's best pal.
  • Features embroidered details, a cute tail and pointy ears.
  • Batteries required: 3 x LR44 (included).

Ages: 3+