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Giddy Up Game

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Giddy Up Game.

3,2,1, Giddy Up!..... Ride Giddy Up in 3 fun games - Cross Country, Challenge and Training. In Cross Country - place the 10 command cards in an open space and Giddy Up. When you reach the card, do the command and then gallop to the next. How fast can you complete the track that you set?

In Challenge, follow the commands that the horse gives you. Be careful though, do an incorrect action and your game is over. How well can you do? In Training, get used to Giddy Up with this freeplay game mode.

  • Includes: 1 Giddy Up horse with extendable pole and 10 cross country command cards.
  • The horse riding reaction game.
  • 3 fun game modes include - Cross Country, Challenge and Training.
  • Follow the 5 commands - Pat, Trot, Jump, Stop & Feed.
  • Giddy Up includes reins and extendable pole.
  • For 1+ player.

Ages: 4+