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Graco Extend LX R129 Convertible Car Seat 40cm -105cm

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Graco Extend LX R129 Convertible Car Seat 40cm -105cm.

Our parent-friendly convertible car seat has been upgraded to meet the latest and strictest EU safety standards (R129). The Extend LX R129 seat allows installation in an extended rear-facing position, until your child has reached the height of 105 cm (approximately 4 years) and can also be positioned in a forward-facing position from 76 cm and 15 months. These new features provide even more safety and comfort to allow you to enjoy every journey.

The Extend LX R129 seat is designed to keep your child in the rear-facing position for longer, as this is the safest position in the event of an impact.This improved version of our original Extend R44 convertible car seat complies with European R129 standards, this new standard involves reinforced side impact resistance tests, a categorization of the car seat according to size and not weight as well as the possibility of Place your child in a back-to-back position for a longer period of time.

Convertible, the Extend LX R129 car seat can be oriented in a forward-facing position as soon as the child has reached a height of at least 75 cm and the age of 15 months, which optimizes the comfort of your child on every journey. The headrest and harness adjust simultaneously with one hand in 6 positions to guarantee support for your child's skull and neck throughout their growth. The backrest reclines to 4 positions to optimize comfort on every journey.

The extend LX R129 car seat is equipped with the Safety Surround Side Impact Protection system to strengthen the support of baby's head and neck from their first journey until their 4 years old. Installation is done with the vehicle's 3-point seat belt. It is intuitive thanks to the double locking and clear colour-coded installation markers, which guide you to install the car seat in the vehicle in complete safety. The 5-point harness is adjustable with one hand and allows your child to be installed easily and safely.

The seat and harness protections are padded to maximize your child's comfort during all your journeys. Fully removable and machine washable, the fabrics of the Extend LX R129 are easy to clean in case of spills during car journeys. For the little ones, a removable birth insert is integrated.

  • 2-in-1 convertible, installs in rear-facing and forward-facing positions.
  • Integrated dual locks for more secure installation on the seat belt.
  • Colour-coded installation markers for correct, safe and precise installation.
  • The headrest and harness can be adjusted simultaneously with one hand in 6 positions.
  • Machine washable covers (gentle program).
  • Backrest reclining to 4 positions (1 in rear-facing position and 3 in forward-facing position).
  • Headrest adjustable to 6 heights.
  • Padded seat and harness protection.
  • Installation with harness in rear-facing position from 40 to 105 cm (from birth to approximately 4 years).
  • Installation with harness in forward-facing position from 76 to 105 cm (from approximately 15 months to 4 years).