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Harry Potter Wizarding World Quidditch Clash Game

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Harry Potter Wizarding World Quidditch Clash Game.

The magic of Harry Potter takes the form of a board game designed for players on the lookout for fun and eager to try their hand at exciting quidditch challenges!

The game includes 4 packs of cards representing the houses of Hogwarts, a board, tiles with information about the conditions of the weather and playing pitch, 1 Golden snitch token and Seeker pawns.

Each player must choose a deck of the Houses of Hogwarts, each with its own strengths for taking on the quidditch match. The goal is to obtain more points than your opponent or capture the golden snitch!

But watch out for the tiles that affect the weather or pitch conditions, they can impact the match and move the position of the golden snitch on the quidditch-pitch board!

A fun game for all Harry Potter fans who will enjoy winning exciting challenges with their friends!

Contents: 132 cards, 1 Quidditch pitch, 1 Spinner, 1 Quaffle, 1 Bludger, 1 Golden Snitch, 4 Seeker Pawns, 1 Scoreboard, 2 100 point tokens and Rulebook.

Ages: 8+