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Hatchimals Alive Hatch N' Stroll Playset

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Hatchimals Alive Hatch N' Stroll Playset.

Take your Hatchimals for a stroll with the Hatchimals Alive Hatch N’ Stroll Playset. With your love and care, super cute Hatchimals Alive characters magically come to life in a whole new way. Their self- hatching eggs hatch like real eggs when activated by water.

This playset includes two colourful Hatchimals eggs with two characters, a bottle, two pacifiers and a stroller. To start hatching, remove the pacifiers from the eggs, fill the bottle with water and squeeze it into the eggs. In seconds, your sweet new friends will start revealing themselves, cracking through the eggs.

Place your Hatchimals in the stroller and use your imagination to create pretend play adventures. Push your characters around with the stroller’s working wheels and add to your storytelling with the bottle and pacifiers. For even more ways to play, look for the Hungry Hatchimals Playset and the Hatchi-Nursery Playset (each sold separately). Build out your Hatchimals world with the Hatchimals Alive Hatch N’ Stroll Playset!

  • Includes: 2 Hatchimals, 1 Stroller, 3 Accessories and 1 Instruction Sheet.
  • With your love and care, you can magically bring 2 Hatchimals Alive characters to life.
  • The colourful surprise eggs hatch like real eggs.
  • Nurture the eggs and begin the hatch by feeding them.
  • Remove the pacifiers, fill the bottle with water, squeeze it into each Hatchimals egg.
  • The stroller, 2 pacifiers and bottle add to your pretend play storytelling.
  • Sit each character in the stroller and roll to the nursery – the stroller has working wheels.
  • Add to your nurturing play with the Hatchi-Nursery Playset (sold separately).

Ages: 3+