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Hatchimals Alive Twin Highchair Playset

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Hatchimals Alive Twin Highchair Playset.

The toys in the Hatchimals Alive line combine magical moments with imaginative role-playing fun. The magic is in the eggs, which with a lot of love and a little water break open all by themselves and let a cute Hatchimal see the light of day. Two eggs are included in the twin highchair playset, and with them two Hatchimals animals that turn out to be twins.

Simply fill the included bottle with water, pull the pacifier out of the egg and feed the egg with water. Just like that, the shell magically begins to crack and the Hatchimal hatches like a real chick. Once hatched, the twins (there is a twin in each egg) can be placed in the highchair and the role play begins. Kids can feed and play with their Hatchimals.

The twin highchair set is the ideal complement to the Hatchimals Alive nursery playset and the Hatchimals Alive stroller playset (all sold separately). This allows you to gradually build an entire Hatchimals Alive play world. If you're excited about magical hatching, you'll find even more individual eggs with cute characters in the Hatchimals Alive Surprise Packs - 18 in all to play with and collect.

  • Includes: 2 Hatchimals Alive eggs 1 highchair, 1 pacifier, 1 bottle and 1 instruction manual.
  • Magical hatching moments and lots of imaginative role-playing fun.
  • The shell magically breaks open when water is added.
  • The twins can be fed or play on the little table.
  • The twin highchair playset is the ideal complement to the Hatchimals Alive nursery playset (sold separately).

Ages: 3+