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HEXBUG VEX Robotics Skid Steer 180pc Construction Set

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HEXBUG VEX Robotics Skid Steer 180pc Construction Set.

Get moving with the VEX Robotics Skid Steer by HEXBUG! This mobile mover is designed with STEM in mind to help keep the workflow moving by hauling or lifting objects around your VEX Construction site.

The Skid Steer is made of 180 easy-to-snap-together VEX IQ pieces, allowing for quick, easy build adjustments! This construction is made easy with the step-by-step illustrated instructions!

This Skid Steer is complete with a working arm and bucket for lifting dirt and other objects around the area! Also included is a miniature construction worker figurine and STEM experiment guide and parent sheet to extend your learning!

Keep your VEX Construction site clean with the Skid Steer! 180 snap-together pieces form a helpful machine with working wheels, bucket and arms that help clear away obstructions. Comes with a construction mini-figure. Utilizes the STEM-based VEX IQ construction system.

Ages: 8+