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Hey Clay Animals 3 Can Set Piggy

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Hey Clay Animals 3 Can Set Piggy.

Discover the joy of unlimited creativity with a colourful Hey Clay Piggy set! Designed to boost kids' imagination - this vibrant and soft modelling clay is great for sensory development and play-based learning. Developing fine motor skills as well as imagination and creativeness of your little one. Clay air dries and hardens - so your child can keep their little treats and play with them in future.

  • Includes: 3 cans of Hey Clay.
  • You get FREE access to HEY CLAY App that is a fascinating and inspiring guide to creative clay modeling for kids. Starting with simple shapes they will soon make amazing clay Aliens, just like real sculptors. You’ll be amazed by your kid’s creations!
  • Easy-to-sculpt clay gives a unique feeling, enjoyable on touch and smell. It is extremely soft, flexible and non-sticky.

Ages: 3+