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Hot Wheels City Downtown Car Park

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Hot Wheels City Downtown Car Park.

Every city needs a parking garage, but to be cool enough to be the Hot Wheels City parking garage it needs awesome features like a see-through exit ramp, car lift and moveable gates!

This parking garage playset has four levels of parking, and each level connects to the translucent exit chute that jettisons cars onto new adventures. It connects to other Hot Wheels sets through multiple connection points (each set sold separately) and comes with one Hot Wheels vehicle for fun and creative play straight out of the box. Colours and decorations may vary.

  • There's plenty of parking and awesomeness in the Hot Wheels City Downtown Car Park with 4 levels to hold 4 different vehicles plus moveable features like manual car lift, electric vehicle "charger" and translucent exit ramp!
  • Drive up to the garage and lift the gate before getting on the kid-operated lift that takes cars to 1 of 4 different parking levels. When it's time to leave, lift the lever and watch the car zoom down the exit ramp and onto new adventures.
  • Makes a great gift for kids 4 to 8 years old and timeless collectors who love the detail and character of Hot Wheels playsets.

Ages: 4+