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Hot Wheels Super Loop Fire Station

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Hot Wheels Super Loop Fire Station.

The Hot Wheels City Super Loop Fire Station playset celebrates a kid-favourite location with a multilevel. Adjustable loop and loop kicker that propels cars through the station and down a water-like translucent ramp!

The base features exciting track-play details that inspire creative storytelling and connectors to connect it to other Hot Wheels sets. A Hot Wheels fire truck is included, so you can be ready for action, straight out of the box!

  • Includes: 1 Hot Wheels City Super Loop Fire Station and 1 Hot Wheels Fire Truck in 1:64 scale.
  • Stunt and race through an adjustable loop to save Hot Wheels City with the Super Loop Fire Station playset!
  • Kids drive the included Hot Wheels fire truck onto the manual lift, then raise it to one of three levels.
  • Then send it racing through the loop and out the translucent waterfall slide!
  • The set has fire-station-themed features like an adjustable fire hydrant hose, swing gate and garage door to enhance the play experience.
  • Kids can park additional cars on dedicated parking spots for convenient storage and accessibility.
  • The set can connect to other Hot Wheels sets so that kids can build out a Hot Wheels City of their own design.

Ages: 4+