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Jumanji Original Board Game

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                                     Adventurers Beware: Do not begin unless you intend to finish.


Danger lurks at every turn and on every turn, as you embark upon this epic adventure. Decode the secret rhyming messages, then race against time to roll the dice that can save you and your fellow players from the vicious croc's snapping jaws, the stealthy lion's ferocious bite, or the charge of the trumpeting elephants. Double cross your opponents by strategically placing the rampaging rhino to block the path as you scurry toward the center of the board. Venture into the world of Jumanji if you dare, but be warned: you may not be able to escape the jungle's clutches.


                    A Game For Those Who Seek To Find.... A Way To Leave Their World Behind




Contents: Game Board, 4x Coloured Pawn Movers, 1x Rhino Figure, 1x Sand Timer, 2x Number Dice, 4x Rescue Dice, 30x Danger Cards, 1x Card Decoder, 1x Label Sheet and 1x Instructions Booklet.


Players: 2-4 players


Ages: 8+