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Junior Basketball Stand Set

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Junior Basketball Stand Set.

This Junior Basketball Stand is perfect for getting kids out to shoot some hoops in their own back gardens. Basketball is great for developing hand-eye coordination and teamwork, as well as being a brilliant way to keep active. This Junior Basketball Stand features a high impact polypropylene backboard with a 17" solid steel rim, ideal for both beginners and kids who already love basketball. The height of the net can be raised and lowered to suit different ages and skill levels. With this manual height adjustment, young athletes can play with a stand height anywhere between 165cm and 205cm.

Support arms connect the base to the upright pole to stabilise the stand. If youd like your Junior Basketball Stand to have an even more stable base, you can fill it with up to 70.3kg of sand (sold separately). This sand will weigh down the base and dramatically lower the risk of it tipping during energetic play or in windy weather. The base of the Junior Basketball Stand features two wheels for portability, providing ease of movement so that you can transform your garden into a basketball court and back again as smoothly as possible.

Contents: One Basket ball Stand (Ball not included)

Ages: 8+

Colours and styles may vary