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Jurassic World Dino Trackers Triceratops

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Jurassic World Dino Trackers Triceratops.

It’s time for roarsome fun with this Jurassic World Dino Trackers Habitat Defender Triceratops Figure.

This Jurassic World Triceratops toy is large in size but responsibly made from 60% ISCC-certified plastics.

The Habitat Defender Triceratops has the impressive frill and horns that identify the species and posable legs, tail, head and jaw. Designed with a special desert habitat design, this figure will be a fantastic addition to any dinosaur collection.

Bring the dinosaur to life using Augmented Reality! Scan the hidden Tracking Code in the free Jurassic World Facts App with a compatible smart device (Android or iOS, not included) to unlock AR experiences and games.

Product features:

  • Includes: 1x Jurassic World Triceratops Dinosaur figure.
  • Made from responsibly sourced materials.
  • It's ready for fierce play with articulated legs, tail, head and jaw.
  • Find the hidden DNA code and scan it with any smart device to initiate Augmented Reality options.

Ages: 4+