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Kiddy Dough Picnic Basket Play-Doh Playset

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Kiddy Dough Picnic Basket Play-Doh Playset.

Prepare to piece together the perfect picnic with the Kiddy Dough Picnic Basket Modelling Play Set. Let your little ones enjoy colourful modelling fun with all the moulds they’ll need to create a colourful picnic.

You’ll have three tubs of Kiddy Dough, along with nine moulds to help you create the shapes you need. See what colour combinations you can create and find out how realistic you can make things look!

This is a great way to keep your creative kids entertained for hours, with all kinds of exciting shapes and ideas just waiting to be made! They can enjoy tactile fun that develops hand eye coordination and motor skills.

  • Includes three tubs and nine moulds.
  • Clean, non-toxic modelling compound.
  • Great for tactile play!
  • Little ones can create their own mini picnic!

Ages: 3+