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Kinetic Sand Sandisfactory Playset

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Kinetic Sand Sandisfactory Playset.

Kinetic Sand is so satisfying to squish and crush. The Kinetic Sand Sandisfactory Set comes with 10 tools and 908g of colourful sand in black, blue, yellow and red – so you can mix all the colours of the rainbow.

Create cool effects with all the sandisfying tools. Cut, pull and crush your creations, or just let the sand flow through your fingers. The Kinetic Sand Sandisfactory Set brings you bright colours, satisfying crunch sounds and soothing textures.

With the Kinetic Sand Sandisfactory Set, you can create amazing satisfying effects, just like in popular social media videos. Kinetic Sand is the original squeezable sand that flows through your hands, never dries out and sticks to itself for easy clean up. Pull it, shape it and mould it to create incredible sand art.

Messy is fun! Sensory play with Kinetic Sand can promote fine motor skills, independent play, curiosity and concentration.

  • Contents: 908g Kinetic Sand, 10 moulds and tools.
  • So satisfying to squish, shape and mould.
  • Create amazing effects and shapes.

Ages: 3+