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Lamaze Fidget Fun Caterpillar

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Lamaze Fidget Fun Caterpillar.

This bendy buddy will fill their fingers with wonder! On its belly is a unique, black and white high contrast pattern. On its back are brightly coloured, textured fabrics. But the real fun is hidden inside, a bendable core that little ones will love to twist this way and that, plus a chime in its head that will delight their ears.

It's the perfect first friend in fidget fun! Engage the senses and elasticise the mind with the Lamaze Fidget Fun Caterpillar.

  • Caterpillar baby toy with bendable body, unique sensory features.
  • Encourages fine motor skills, sensory learning, early imaginative play.
  • Black and white high contrast pattern on belly.
  • Brightly coloured, uniquely textured fabrics on back.
  • Bendable core for fidget fun.
  • Chime hidden in its head delights the ears.

Ages: 6months +