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Lamaze My Friend Olivia

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Lamaze My Friend Olivia.

This Lamaze My Friend Olivia delightful toy is packed with interactive features, making it a perfect companion for babies as they explore and discover the world around them. Olivia’s hands, feet, and hat have different textures, providing tactile stimulation and her crinkly dress and hat make fun and intriguing sounds that captivate a baby’s attention.

  • A soft and cuddly plush toy for babies.
  • It features bright colours and multiple textures for sensory stimulation.
  • The toy includes a peek-a-boo mirror, crinkly ears, a teething ring, and a squeaker.
  • Olivia’s legs have colorful patterns and textures for visual and tactile exploration.
  • Suitable for babies from birth and promotes bonding and interaction.
  • Lamaze toys are known for their high-quality and safety standards.

Ages: From birth