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Lego City 60377 Explorer Diving Boat With Submarine

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Lego City 60377 Explorer Diving Boat With Submarine.

Endless imaginative adventures await with this 5+ LEGO City Explorer Diving Boat (60377) toy playset for kids aged 5+ years old. Adventurous builders can 'head for the high seas' aboard the ultra- modern LEGO City ocean explorer Diving Boat.

The LEGO underwater set features an inflatable toy boat with lots of realistic features, including a working crane. The set also includes a mini-submarine toy, a coral reef setting and a treasure chest. There are 3 minifigures - the boat's captain and 2 LEGO diver minifigures, plus a manta ray, hammerhead LEGO shark, crab, 2 fish and 2 turtle sea animal figures as well as lots of story-inspiring accessories. Let the LEGO Builder app guide kids on an intuitive building adventure. They can explore and save virtual playsets, track their own building progress, zoom in and rotate and view models from all angles while they build.

LEGO City playsets come with cool vehicles, realistic structures and fun characters for hours of imaginative play and can be combined with other sets from the LEGO City range. This LEGO City ocean set makes a great gift for adventurous kids aged 5 plus years old.

  • Includes: a boat, minisub, coral reef, 3 minifigures and 7 sea-creature figures.
  • Contains 182 pieces.
  • Boat measures over 7 cm high, 20 cm long and 8 cm wide.
  • Kids can use the ship’s crane to deploy the mini-submarine.
  • LEGO toy accessories include a toy treasure chest, golden coins and a goblet.
  • Make the creative experience extra fun for kids with the LEGO.

Ages: 5+