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Lego City 60386 Recycling Truck

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Lego City 60386 Recycling Truck.

This LEGO City Recycling Truck (60386) toy for kids 5+ years old comes with lots of realistic features and functions that encourage a fun way for children to learn about sustainable living.

The recycling truck toy with bins features a recycling centre with 3 containers. The truck features a tipping platform for emptying the containers and a raisable flatbed for offloading. The educational sorting toy also includes 3 LEGO City minifigures and a cat figure. Kids role-play helping the workers load the containers onto the tipping platform and turn the wheel to empty the contents into the back of the truck.

Once the job is finished, they drive back to the base and raise the truck’s flatbed to tip the contents. Who knew recycling waste could be so much fun! The sustainable living series set includes easy-to-follow pictorial building guide and the LEGO Builder app – a digital building guide with intuitive zoom and rotate tools that enable kids to visualise the finished LEGO vehicle model from all angles as they build.

  • Includes: 261 Lego pieces 3 LEGO City minifigures and 1 cat figure.
  • Dimensions: 21cm L x 6cm W x 8cm H.
  • Truck features tipping platform and raisable flatbed.
  • Encourages imaginative play.
  • Easy follow pictorial building guide and the LEGO Builder app.

Ages: 5+