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Lego DreamZzz 71453Lizzie And Bunchu The Bunny

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Lego DreamZzz 71453Lizzie And Bunchu The Bunny.

Let children jump into the action of the dream world with this LEGO DREAMZzz Izzie and Bunchu the Bunny (71453) building toy set. Based on an exciting storyline from the TV show, the set lets kids help main character Izzie create a large version of her favourite plushie to help rescue the stuffed animal, which has been kidnapped by a nightmare Grimspawn.

1 set, 2 ways to build The large living version of Bunchu has a fully articulated neck, arms, and legs. When building it, kids can use their imaginations and follow story-led building instructions to choose between equipping it with roller skates and gloves or bee wings and a stinger.

Fantastic minifigure A detailed minifigure of Izzie helps bring the action to life. Izzie comes with accessories including armour, a sword, and an hourglass. Figures of the Grimspawn and a small Bunchu are also included so kids can recreate the entire story.

  • Includes: 1 Izzie and Bunchu the Bunny Building Toy Set, 1 minifigure of Izzie and 1 Bunchu figure.
  • Contains 259 pieces.
  • Once built, Bunchu stands over 19 cm tall.
  • Bunchu has a fully articulated neck, tail, arms and legs.
  • Kids can choose between 2 building options for Bunchu.
  • The set includes a minifigure of Izzie.
  • A small Bunchu figure is included with the set.
  • A fun build for kids aged 7 and up.
  • The LEGO Builder app includes a digital version of the building instructions.

Ages: 7+