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Lego Duplo 10421 Alphabet Truck

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Lego Duplo 10421 Alphabet Truck.

Drive toddler’s letter-learning with the LEGO DUPLO Town Alphabet Truck (10421) construction toy for kids aged 2 plus years old.

This creative ABC toy delivers lots of playful learning. As toddlers connect the trailer to the toy truck and help the 2 LEGO DUPLO figures load and unload the bricks, they begin to recognise letters, learn colours, improve their language and hone fine motor skills. Imaginative accessories include a LEGO DUPLO ABC book toy element and a stereo element to encourage fun ABC singalongs with parents and toddlers.

This toddler learning toy encourages little ones to invent creative stories as they climb into their toy truck cab and head off for a new adventure! Get toddlers off to great start with LEGO DUPLO vehicle toys, which put open-ended play, self-expression and learning into toddlers’ hands.

Contains 36 Pieces.

Ages: 2+