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Lego Minecraft 21256 The Frog House

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Lego Minecraft 21256 The Frog House.

This LEGO Minecraft toy house is shaped like a frog and comes with figures of popular Minecraft characters from the game.

LEGO Minecraft The Frog House (21256) building toy is a hands-on gaming gift for boys and girls 8 year old and over. A building toy for kids who love Minecraft gaming, the LEGO House is packed with authentic Minecraft details – a bed, table, crafting table, furnace, chest, cake and honey – and a lift-off roof for easy access. Outside, there’s a farm where players can harvest beetroot, wheat and flowers, and a lake where kids can use a fishing rod and a dark oak toy boat with oars.

There are 3 types of Frog (green, grey and brown) and a Slime which, as players will know, has a special interaction with Frogs. This versatile LEGO Minecraft set includes a hero, a zombie and a drowned with a trident LEGO Minecraft figures, ensuring the construction toy offers endless gaming action and role-play fun.

LEGO Minecraft sets offer children an innovative approach to experiencing the beloved game, transforming mobs, scenes, and elements into tangible creations using LEGO bricks. Young builders will also love the LEGO Builder app, which lets users zoom in, rotate models in 3D and track progress.

  • Includes: 1 LEGO Minecraft 21256 The Frog House Toy Set & 7 LEGO Minecraft figures.
  • Contains 400 Pieces.

Ages: 8+