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Lego Ninjago 71782 Coles Earth Dragon EVO

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Lego Ninjago 71782 Coles Earth Dragon EVO.

Fans will be excited to stage enthralling battles with this LEGO NINJAGO Cole’s Earth Dragon EVO (71782) ninja action toy playset. Kids join forces with NINJAGO Cole and his earth dragon for an all-action clash against the evil Bone Scorpio.

The collectible toy playset features a posable dragon toy with a movable body, head and legs which can be enhanced to make it even bigger and more powerful by adding golden wings, horns and a tail. The set also includes 2 LEGO NINJAGO character minifigures: Cole, armed with a golden katana, and Bone Scorpio, armed with a scythe and a bone warrior assorted weapons pack. Bone Scorpio can also ride into battle on his 6-legged scorpion creature. For succeeding in their challenge, kids are rewarded with a collectible Strength banner to display from the dragon toy.

Let the LEGO Builder app guide you and your child on an easy and intuitive building adventure. Zoom in and rotate models in 3D, save sets and track your progress.

  • Includes: 285 LEGO pieces including 2 minifigures and 1 scorpion figure.
  • Posable dragon toy for kids to role-play ninja battles.
  • Dragon can be upgraded by adding golden wings, horns and tail.
  • Kids can win a collectible Strength banner when they succeed.
  • This ninja dragon toy is a portable size for play on the go.

Ages: 7+