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Little Live Pets Lil' Bird Skyler

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Little Live Pets Lil' Bird Skyler.

Little Live Pets - Lil' Birds are the sweetest birds you'll ever meet! These adorable little birds with big beautiful eyes and magical light up wings, come to life in your hands as you pet and interact with them. Gently stroke your Lil' Bird's back and it will tweet for you! Your Lil' Bird's wings will also light up! Meet Skyler- Like a starry night, her feathers shine bright! She has starry night sky inspired light up wings. The more you pet, the happier your Lil' Bird will get! Skyler loves to chat and repeat what you say! She also has over 20 bird sounds! Collect the other Lil' Birds to form your own fabulous flock!

  • Lil' Birds can record your voice and repeat back what you say in their sweet, chirpy voice..
  • Lil' Birds love to be pet! The more you pet them the more they will sing and brighten your day with their beautiful sounds.
  • Lil' Birds have sparkly light up wings, inspired by the night sky and shiny ocean!
  • Lil' Birds can make over 20 different bird sounds! From whistles and tweets to the cutest chirpy sayings!

Ages: 5+