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Little Tikes Flashback Minis Collectables

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Little Tikes Flashback Minis Collectables.

Meet MGA's Miniverse, Little Tikes Minis! Nostalgia in your pocket. Your favorite Little Tikes products are here and they are in mini form! Flash back in time with these fun and iconic retro favorites from MGA's Miniverse! Series 1 includes 12 Little Tikes Minis to collect, you can rediscover your favorite Little Tikes products, including, Cozy Coupe, Cozy Pumper, Totsports Easy Score Basketball Set, Rocking Horse, First Slide and more!

Each mystery capsule turns into a stackable display and comes with two Little Tikes Minis, both in their mini replica packaging. Each capsule is blind so you won't know which figures you get until you unbox them! Visit and download the collector's sheet so you can keep track of all the Little Tikes Minis you've found!

  • They're familiar and nostalgic. Little Tikes is now in mini form!

Ages: 3+