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Little Tikes Kingdom Builders Wreckin' Roller Playset

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Little Tikes Kingdom Builders Wreckin' Roller Playset.

Welcome to Kingdom builders! Where you have the power to build anything you want. Armor-clad builders must defend hex castle against the mischievous bashers and their wreckin roller. ​The wrecking' Roller belongs to Captain cannonblast. He's the leader of the bashers, whose main desire is to take the Builders magic tools. Packed inside a 90cm frame, cannonblast has no patience and can literally go off anytime, With the drop of his cannon!​ Watch the adventures of Kingdom builders on YouTube!

  • Relive the epic adventure of Kingdom Builders. You can now join the vilest basher, Captain Cannonblast as he blasts his way and bash the Hex Castle with this Wreckin Roller filled with a whole lot of gruesomeness.
  • We all know of his fake upper body and yes, this action-packed toy set has the exclusive captain as to how he does his thing in the animated series. He transforms into a working cannon himself as the projectile.
  • The Wreckin Roller comes with a giant shooting iron fist to knock the castle walls, a cannon for more firepower towards the builders, rolling wheels for non-stop mobility, and a dropping balcony (exclusive for the captain only).
  • The Wreckin Roller encourages the kids' creative thinking as they play the toys from their own perspective. Attach and detach parts of the rollers to build a whole new hideout for Captain Cannonblast.
  • As the Basher's captain, he managed to keep some wrecker tools in his treasure chest. Learn and explore more ways of fun as you build, bash, and rebuild these moving catapult-tower. Don't forget to aim before you CHARGE!!!

Ages: 3+