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Make Your Own Concert Bracelets

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Make Your Own Concert Bracelets.

These Swiftie-themed Concert Bracelets Kits are the ultimate accessory for music lovers and fashionistas alike. Each kit is a symphony of style, featuring specially curated charms and a vibrant selection of beads that scream personality and pizzazz. From rockin' guitars to dazzling stars, we've got designs that'll make wrists sing! A striking assortment of 6 single styles, each including 6 premium charms and an array of premium beads. Each set includes everything you need to make your own beautiful concert bracelets. With 6 specific stunning styles, you will want them all! These concert bracelet making kits hit all the right notes!

  • Includes: 1 Make Your Own Concert Bracelets Medium Craft Set (Styles Vary).
  • Each bracelet making kit comes with everything you need to stand out from the crowd at any concert!
  • Set features 6 premium charms and an array of premium beads.
  • 6 stunning styles to collect (sold separately, styles vary).

Ages: 8+

There are 6 styles available within this assortment and unfortunately it is not possible to request which one you would prefer.