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Megasaurs Triceratop Head Dinosaur Tub

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Megasaurs Triceratop Head Dinosaur Tub.

Bring the ancient world to life with the Dinosaur Triceratops Head Tub! This impressive and highly detailed dinosaur head doubles as a storage tub, making it a fantastic display piece and functional toy.

Featuring a captivating triceratops design, this dinosaur head tub showcases intricate details, from the sharp horns to the textured skin. It will surely grab the attention of any dinosaur enthusiast or aspiring paleontologist.

But the fun doesn't stop there! Flip over the dinosaur head and pop off the lid to reveal a hidden stash of 6 dinosaur figures. These figures are perfect for imaginative play, allowing children to recreate prehistoric adventures or create their own Jurassic scenes.

The Dinosaur Triceratops Head Tub is not only a captivating toy but also a practical storage solution. The bottom section of the triceratops head functions as a tub with a removable lid, providing ample space for storing the dinosaur figures or any other small treasures.

Ideal for both playtime and display, this large Dinosaur Triceratops Head Tub is a must-have for any dinosaur lover.

Ages: 3+

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