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Melissa & Doug Magnetic Letter Alphabet Set 52pc

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Melissa & Doug Magnetic Letter Alphabet Set 52pc.

This Magnetic Wooden Alphabet set of magnetic uppercase and lowercase letters offers a colourful jumble of possibilities!

The set features 52 brightly coloured magnetic letters in a handy wooden case for easy storage and on-the-go play. Ideal for letter recognition, matching and stenciling, these must-have letters spell "learning fun"!

This alphabet learning set provides parents and older kids with multiple opportunities for engaging children in exciting learning activities. Have kids place the uppercase letters on a magnetic surface as you slowly sing the alphabet song. Once the letters are lined up, sing the song together as you point to the letters. Kids can also close their eyes while you switch a few of the letters, then ask kids where they belong.

This alphabet learning magnet set is made from high-quality materials and assembled with precise manufacturing standards, ensuring sturdy construction that holds up against frequent use.

  • Set of magnetic wooden letters for early learning fun.
  • 52 magnetic letters.
  • Letters store in a convenient, sturdy wooden box.
  • Promotes letter recognition, spelling and creativity.

Ages: 3+