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Melissa & Doug Sticker Wow Refills Dog

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Melissa & Doug Sticker Wow Refills Dog.

Melissa & Doug Sticker WOW! is a whole new way to play with stickers! Pop the convenient sticker stack of 300 assorted Dog pets-themed stickers into any Sticker WOW! Sticker Stamper cartridge, and stamp away, anywhere, anytime!

With 100 unique designs in every sticker stack, each sticker stamped is a surprise. Sticker WOW! Refill Stickers are easy to remove and are great for creative arts and crafts projects. Dog Refill Stickers are a natural complement to the Sticker WOW! Cocoa the Dog sticker stamper, but they are compatible with all the cute and collectible Sticker WOW! sticker stampers (sticker stamper not included).

Sticker WOW! promotes fine motor skills, encourages creative play, and it’s satisfying, fidget fun!

  • Includes 1 sticker stack of 300 stickers to refill Sticker WOW! collectible sticker stamper (compatible with all Sticker WOW! sticker stampers) just drop into a sticker stamper cartridge and stamp away.
  • Refill the Melissa & Doug Sticker WOW! Cocoa the Dog sticker stamper (not included) with 300 dog and pets-themed refill stickers, and stamp away, anywhere, anytime.

Ages: 3+