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Micro Fidgetz Assorted

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Micro Fidgetz Assorted.

An assortment of 5 collectable micro fidget toys packaged inside a surprise container pod. Each pod comes with 5 items inside from 25 total options (sold separately). One visible, the other four blind bagged for a surprise!

Each of the items included is a popular micro version of bestsellers in their own right, all of which are designed to occupy fidgeting fingers with something that's hard to put down.

Sensory Play This fidget toy is great for destressing and releasing restless energy. Fidget toys are therapeutic devices that help aid and focus learning by giving the hands something to do.

  • Includes: 1 Micro Fidgetz Pod containing 5 items.
  • A great variety of items and colours.
  • Discreet pocket-sized items.
  • 25 to collect! (sold separately).

Ages: 3+