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Nerf Bunker Take Cover Toxic Barrel

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Nerf Bunker Take Cover Toxic Barrel.

It's Nerf or Nothin'! Nerf BUNKR let blaster fans create and customize their own battlefield with big inflatable obstacles that provide great cover and protection for active players. Transform any environment into a giant Nerf Battle Zone quickly and easily.

Nerf BUNKR Battle Game cards (included) provide strategy and tactics to make every battle one-of-a-kind. Nerf BUNKR Battle Zones are easy to inflate with oversize air valves and are safe for indoor or outdoor play with the integrated Stability System.

Taking blaster play to the next level. This inflatable obstacle shaped like a toxic barrel has a large 3-way valve for easy inflation & deflation. Integrated ammo cache and stability system for outdoor play. With Bunkr game cards to extend game play & team challenges.

Contents: A Nerf Bunkr Take Cover Toxic Barrel.

Ages: 8+