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Noggin Fastest Thinker Game

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Noggin Fastest Thinker Game.

In a Fastest Thinker First Frenzy players take turns to deal their playing cards, a combination of Letter Cards and Action Cards, down on three piles of Letter Cards.

Fastest thinker first, create answers when an action card lands, using the two letters on display, FAST! The player who shouts out a correct answer first wins that action card.

NOGGIN Card Game is a fun card game which can be learned in minutes and played with 2 players or more.

10 minute games for the fast thinkers out there, accessible for 12 years olds all the way through to teenagers and adults.

But don't stop there, Noggin card game can be played after dinner, taken out as a bar game, or brought out as a fun party game.

TV and Radio Personality turned board game inventor, Matt Edmondson founded Format Games in 2021 to bring some of the best adult board games out there.

For 2-20 players

Ages: 12+