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Orchard Toys Times Tables Master Tims Tables Game

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Orchard Toys Times Tables Master Tims Tables Game.

This fun multiplication game will help children practise their times tables from 2-12. With two games in one - Hero City board game and Multiplication Bingo - times table practise will be filled with fun!

In the Hero City Board Game players move around the board by spinning the spinners and solving multiplication sums. If a player lands on a shield square they have to use their imaginations to help their superhero defeat the disaster -they'll need to defeat the evil unicorns, outwit the zombies or even escape the giant slugs! Times Tables Heroes also includes a colourful times tables checker, which can be used with or outside of the game to extend learning.

When the game is finished players can turn over the board for a fast paced game of Multiplication Bingo! Using the cards and spinners from the board game, players race to be the first to get 3 in a row. This will be especially helpful for encouraging children to recall their times tables quickly.

  • 1 jigged double-sided board.21 shield cards.
  • 4 character playing pieces.
  • 4 character stands.
  • 3 spinner boards.
  • 3 two-part plastic spinners.
  • 1 times tables checker.
  • 4 superhero reference cards.
  • 1 instruction leaflet.

2-4 players

Ages: 6-9 years