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Ozbozz Vyper Inline Scooter 145mm Wheels

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Ozbozz Vyper Inline Scooter 145mm Wheels.

Unleash boundless fun with the Ozbozz Vyper Kids Push Foldable Scooter. Designed for adventure, this scooter offers a sleek ride, easy maneuverability and convenient foldability. 

Folding scooter with slightly larger, 145mm wheels at the front and back. The bigger wheels give this scooter a slightly smoother ride over surfaces.

As such, it is ideal for scooting about, as the rider doesn't need to look our for every pit or bump in their path. The convenient folding design makes it easy to store and transport.

  • Includes: 1Ozbozz Vyper Scooter with 145mm PU Wheels.
  • The ultimate in a comfortable scooter ride. The large 145MM wheels front and back smooth out the road surface for a perfect glide.
  • Adjustable handlebars, soft comfortable grips and non-slip decks ensure a perfect fit and ultimate, controlled performance.
  • A durable, robust frame is built to withstand even the most aggressive rider while providing outstanding stability and control.

Ages: 5+