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Pati School Party In Pink Creations Kit Playset

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Pati School Party In Pink Creations Kit Playset.

Pati-school is the treat-inspired collective and decorative craft kit toy that provides Frosting fun for everyone!

The special Pati-school paste and exclusive craft bases - both not edible! - makes it fun and easy for every child to be craft experts! Simply frost, decorate and air-dry for 2-3 days until the paste hardens, and you will have a lasting sweet-like craft that can be worn, used as room decorations or given to friends as charming presents!

Party in Pink Creations Kit comes complete with a pink Pati-school paste, and 2 different treat-inspired craft bases that can be worn as a ring and a keychain! Pati-school originated in Japan in 2008 with an emphasis on teaching children decorative techniques using baking inspired collectible crafts.

  • Includes: Pati School Party In Pink Creations Kit Playset.
  • Customize your creations into decorative objects with the Pati-School Party In Pink Creations!
  • The pink decoration kit contains a pastry bag filled with pink modelling clay and 2 different creations bases that turn into a ring and a key ring!
  • Please note this is not food. Do not eat.

Ages: 6+