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Paw Patrol Marshall's Deluxe Elephant Vehicle

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Paw Patrol Marshall's Deluxe Elephant Vehicle.

Enjoy endless PAWsome adventures with Marshall and his Jungle Pups Deluxe Elephant Rescue Vehicle! Team up with Marshall in his elephant- themed Jungle Pups vehicle for some supercharged rescue adventures.

Marshall’s elephant-themed fire engine features a huge trunk, oversized wheels and two tusks to clear away any obstacles. Open the rear compartment to get 3 projectiles and load them into the projectile feeder. Then, once you’re in position, pull back the trunk into launching position and press the rectangular button on the side to catapult your water projectiles forwards, repeating the process up to 3 times.

  • Includes: 1 rescue vehicle, 1 Marshall figure and 3 projectiles.
  • Clip Marshall into the driver’s seat & race to the rescue.
  • Open the rear compartment to access the 3 water projectiles.
  • Load them into the projectile feeder & pull the trunk back into position, then press the button to launch.
  • Comes with a 5cm tall Marshall figure, dressed in his red jungle explorer uniform & helmet.
  • Create exciting rescue missions with your favourite pup & vehicle.

Ages: 3+