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Penalty Shootout Board Game

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Penalty Shootout Board Game.

Penalty Shoot Out is the fast-fingered, addictive head-to-head, goal scoring game. Using the smart box which folds out to become your pitch, each player positions their balls on their side of the halfway line.

When kick-off begins, who can flick all the balls in their half through their opponents’ goal? Sounds easy, but not when your opponent is flicking back just as fast!

  • Includes: Fold out stadium box, goal wall, 2 sliding scorers, goal mouth and base, 2 elastic bands with end caps, 10 pucks, trophy and instructions.
  • The head-to-head football match, where the fastest flicking scores the most goals.
  • Fast, frenzied, addictive fun.
  • Box folds out to create 60cm stadium!
  • Ready to play in seconds.
  • 2 players.
  • Dimensions: 36cm L x 5.5cm H x 27cm W.

Ages: 6+