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Peppa Pig 4 In A Box Jigsaw Puzzle

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Peppa Pig 4 In A Box Jigsaw Puzzle.

Learning is fun with Peppa Pig! Learn which months make up the four different seasons in these four fun packed jigsaw puzzles. Perfect Peppa Pig Toys

Peppa loves nothing better than to play outside with her friends and family. So why not join her in these bright and colourful jigsaw puzzles, as she learns all about the four different seasons! Each puzzle will teach you which months of the year make up each season. See how the seasons change, as Peppa Pig plays outside with Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, George, Grandpa Pig, Suzy Sheep, Candy Cat and Miss Rabbit.

Our 4 in a box kids puzzles are crafted with premium quality materials and measure 19 x 14cm when complete.

Ages: 3+