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Peppa Pig Grow With Peppa - Peppa Nesting Family

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Peppa Pig Grow With Peppa - Peppa Nesting Family.

Delight your baby with Peppa's family of nesting dolls - Daddy Pig opens up to show Mummy Pig, who comes apart to reveal Peppa Pig! Inside Peppa there's another surprise: a little George pig that bobs about and rattles when shaken.

Babies will have hours of fun working out how each character fits together and hides each other. With colourful pieces designed for little hands, Peppa's family help build problem solving and fine motor skills.

Both halves of Daddy, Mummy and Peppa can be used like a watering can to pour and sprinkle water at bath time, and make great water table and paddling pool toys.

Your baby can get creative in the sand pit using the characters to sprinkle sand in different patterns. Bring along the whole family of sand toys for beach time adventures too.

When playtime is done, the pieces neatly slot together for tidy storage. If used as sand or water play toys, rinse and drain all parts, then leave to air dry or wipe clean with anti-bacterial solution/wipes.

Ages: 18months +