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Peppa Pig Peppa And Friends Interactive Piano

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Peppa Pig Peppa And Friends Interactive Piano.

Help introduce your little one to playing music with Peppa’s Piano. This cute piano and keyboard toy will encourage children to have fun with lots of musical activities and help them with listening, trying out sound effects, discovering tempos and rhythms and also hearing songs and experiencing a real keyboard all whilst helping advance their listening and recognition skills.

The Piano features buttons with all of Peppa’s friends, which will allow familiarity with the popular Peppa Pig TV Show. The buttons allow your child to interact with Peppa’s friends whilst also learning about sounds and music and identifying with colours, shapes and developing listening and recognition skills. Benefits include improved self-confidence and cognitive development.

There are several interactive activities included with the Peppa Piano to allow your child both learn and have fun with music and sounds. These include listening to built-in songs and rhythms, creating a variety of melodies and beats, experimenting with sounds and also repeating musical phrases and effects. These all offer fun and enjoyment to enhance recognition, concentration and attention.

The sturdy Piano design features six animal sounds and instruments, 8 rhythms, tempo options, 8 built in songs, piano keyboard, sound effects, demo option, on-off and volume controls as well as a study carry handle perfect for transporting the toy around. The Piano also features Peppa’s face along with her friends and bold, easy-to-press buttons, perfect for little hands.

Batteries required: 2 x AA (not included).

Ages: 1+