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Peppa Pig Peppa's Activity House

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Peppa Pig Peppa's Activity House.

All the fun is happening round at Peppa Pig’s house! Now you can discover just what lies behind those familiar walls, with all kinds of fun and surprises waiting around every corner.

Fans of the show will know they’ve come to the right place, but what will they find behind each of the four windows? Give them a spin and see just who is hiding inside. Around the back of the house is a shape sorting game.

  • Includes: 1 Peppas Activity House and Mummy, Daddy, George and Peppa Character Shapes.
  • Discover all kinds of surprises around Peppa Pig's house.
  • Play hide and seek with windows that spin around.
  • Reveal all your favourite Peppa Pig characters.
  • Each piece is textured and colour-coded to complete the puzzle.
  • There are wacky walls and roof panels made of rubber bands.
  • Bright colours and chunky shapes.
  • Children will love exploring and experimenting.
  • Develops their fine motor skills.

Ages: 18months +