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Peppa Pig Pull And Go Pedalo Bath Toy

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Peppa Pig Pull And Go Pedalo Bath Toy.

Apart from jumping in muddy puddles, Peppa Pig and Daddy Pig love nothing better than getting out on the water for a pedalo adventure. This colourful set includes the two figurines and their craft with its simple but ingenious "motor". Trailing behind the pedalo is a floating yellow hoop designed for little hands. A gentle pull is all it needs to draw out the string. Let it go and the pedalo sets off on its journey, swept along by a set of spring-loaded rotating paddles.

Peppa and Daddy Pig sit safely on board until it’s time to dive in. Each is a soft and squidgy water squirter – dip these Peppa Pig toys in the tub or in any paddling pool, squeeze to top up, then squeeze again to send plumes of water out of their mouths!

  • Contents: A Tomy Toomies Peppa Pig Pedalo.
  • Simple pull-string mechanism sets the paddles and the pedalo in motion.
  • Peppa Pig and Daddy Pig can swap seats and also double as water squirters.
  • Handling these soft, colourful toys is great for developing motor skills and getting used to being around water.

Ages: 18months +