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Pillow Bash Game

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Pillow Bash Game.

Pillow Bash from TOMY Games will get you thinking, ducking and diving. It’s stuffed full of brilliant games to test your wits and skills as you go head-to-head in a series of pillow fights with each of your opponents. Who’ll have a heavy landing and who’ll come out on top.

On your turn, pick out a random feather from the pillow pocket. White feathers will see you sink your teeth into a category game. You just need to come up with words and answers that fit the category. Bat ideas back and forth with your opponent.

If you hesitate, go blank or repeat, you lose! Your opponent gets to give you a bashing with the pillow and you’re out. Typical things you will list include Things You Wear, Ice Cream Flavours, Dinosaurs, Stinky Stuff and more. If you pick out a blue feather on your turn, you’ll play any one of a dozen Challenge games.

It might be a round of Blinkety Blink where you stare at your opponent and try not to blink. Giggle Off where you try not to giggle. A race to find five objects, a round of Rock Paper Scissors and lots more. Nail it and you stay in the game. Last player still standing at the end will be the winner!

  • Includes: 1 pillow, 24 Word Tennis feathers, 12 Challenge feathers and 1 instruction.
  • Pull a feather from the pillow to see what kind of game will test your wits and speed.
  • White feathers provide all kinds of categories.
  • Go head-to-head with an opponent and bat ideas back and forth.
  • Hesitate or go blank and you lose.
  • Your opponent gets to bash you with the pillow and you’re out.
  • First to fail gets a bashing.
  • Last player standing wins the game.
  • Maximum Players: 2-10 players.

Ages: 6+