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Play-Doh All In One Creativity Starter Station

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Play-Doh All In One Creativity Starter Station.

Give kids their very own play space to jumpstart their imaginations with the Play-Doh All-in-One Creativity Starter Station. Arts and crafts for kids just got even more creative with this Play-Doh activity table featuring so many ways to play with the 15 Play-Doh accessories and 6 modelling compound colours.

Flip the kids activity desk between 2 modes for lots to explore! The flat side gives them a great place to explore their creativity on the playmat, while the 3D side lets them imagine all kinds of adventures with the waterfall maker, vehicle, and animal tools. Easy storage and cleanup makes this a great kids toy that grownups are sure to love too.

  • Includes: 1 Play-Doh All-in-One Creativity Starter Station with whale tool with rail, vehicle, bridge, 5 stampers, character tool, roller, rolling cutter, pressing tool, scissors, knife, and 6 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound.
  • Station desk gives kids their own space to express their imaginations.
  • The flat side of the table lets kids engage in 2-dimensional play with the playmat and Play-Doh tools.
  • Flip to the 3D side for more imaginative adventures.
  • Easy to use preschool arts and craft activities for kids like stamping, molding, and cutting.
  • Easy storage and cleanup.

Ages: 3+