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Playmobil Action 71454 Jungle Treasure Hunters

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Playmobil Action 71454 Jungle Treasure Hunters.

On their treasure hunt, two adventurers come across a ruin whose entrance is guarded by a skeleton. They transport the salvaged treasures, along with a lot of equipment, in their quadbike with pullback motor.

Get ready for some extra fun at an unbeatable price with the fantastic PLAYMOBIL Promo Packs! Adventure-loving kids will be thrilled with this PLAYMOBIL set. Equipped with a quad, treasure map, and compass, it's time for an exciting jungle treasure hunt but before the adventurers can claim the treasure, they'll have to get past a spider and a snake. Who will dare to go first?

This detailed PLAYMOBIL set includes 2 PLAYMOBIL figures and a skeleton, a quad, a rock gate, a treasure chest, and many other great extras for thrilling jungle adventures.

Ages: 4+