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Playmobil Adventures Of Ayuma 70802 Knight Fairy With Soul Animal

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Playmobil Adventures Of Ayuma 70802 Knight Fairy With Soul Animal.

In the mysterious fairy kingdom of Ayuma, a fantastic adventure begins for the Crystal Fairies, the Knight Fairies, the Forest Fairies and the Bat Fairies. Lovingly designed fairy toys, cute soul animals and magical places allow imaginative girls and boys to immerse themselves in the mystical Playmobil fairy world. Will our fairies succeed in protecting the crystal and all of Ayuma from the magical energy source? Enchanting hours of play await with Playmobil.

In the mysterious forest, the fairies live together with their soul animals in peaceful harmony. All fairies and their soul animals are united by a very special bond. This blue-green fairy belongs to the clever Knight Fairies. As a faithful companion she has a mystical blue eagle at her side. Together, the two plunge into every adventure.

  • 14-piece play figure set: 1 fairy with mountable movable wings, feather spear, detachable skirt, 1 fantasy eagle with movable body and feet that can grip and 12 accessories.
  • Functions: Fairy with attachable and movable wings.
  • Innovative packaging and numbered bags for assembly.

Ages: 7+