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Playmobil City Action 70936

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Playmobil City Action 70936.

The brave Playmobil rescue team is always on duty to help people in need. As soon as an emergency call comes in, the paramedics grab the doctor's kit and jump into the rescue vehicle. With blue lights and siren, the journey begins.

At the scene, the doctor examines the injured cyclist and applies a head bandage, then the patient is lifted onto the stretcher and strapped down for safety. The rear doors of the ambulance are opened and the stretcher is carefully pushed in. Now it's off to the hospital for further examination.

The set contains a rescue vehicle, a female doctor and two male paramedics, a man, a bicycle, an ambulance stretcher, doctor's case, diagnostic board and many other extras for exciting rescue missions.

Different light effects can be triggered via two buttons. The roofs of the driver's cab and the treatment trolley are removable. The doctor's case and equipment can be stored in the drawer underneath the driver's cabin.

  • Includes: 1 City Action Rescue Ambulance with Lights, 3 figures and 89 accessories.
  • Batteries Required: 1 x AAA and 3 x AA (not included).

Ages: 5+